Hello and welcome to another tutorial. This time we’ll learn how to build a URL-shortener with Azure serverless functions and tables storage but first: What is a URL shortener?

In the case you never heard about it, a URL shortener is a web service that allows to redirect users accessing a short URL to a longer one. This service is very useful in many scenarios.

Apart from shortening URLs, you can imagine having several short URLs redirecting to the same target URL and then give each of the short ones to different users, this might be helpful to know which…

During COVID19 quarantine I decided to build my own implementation of a mask-detector able to detect whether a person is wearing a mask in images or videos just for fun.

Like every Machine Learning project, the very first step is to collect the necessary data. As we’re trying to build a mask detector model which should be able to output “mask” or “no mask”, given an input face image, so we need to collect images of people wearing and not wearing a mask.

Collecting the data

I just came to ask all my friends to send me a selfie where they were…

Fernando Contreras

Software Engineer & Machine Learning Engineer.

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